Welcome to the Advanced Virtual Internship (AVI) program!

Born out of necessity when the pandemic limited on-site student experiences at businesses, Win-Tech President Allison Giddens developed a 4-week long curriculum that exposed 12 local high school students to many facets of manufacturing through video conferencing.  With the help of industry subject matter experts eager to volunteer and offer advice to young adults preparing to graduate high school, the program offered an experience that far exceeded anything that could have been offered on-site.

Shortly after the successful inaugural program ended, Parallel principal consultant Meaghan Timko asked Allison: “What would it take to host this program for the neurodiverse community?”

The two business owners spent the next several weeks creating a program that offered just that.

In early 2021, young adults who identified as neurodiverse took part in a version of the Advanced Manufacturing Virtual Internship and learned about opportunities that fit what they enjoy doing and perhaps even more importantly: Connected with business professionals.

The more that word got out in high schools eager to make real-world opportunities accessible to all, and the more Allison and Meaghan engage in communities passionate to enhance workforce development, the more obvious it became that the AVI program can be an opportunity on so many different levels.

From neurodiverse to neurotypical, from high school career pathway experiences to industry-specific engagement and company-specific on-boarding training and tools: The AVI is customizable, affordable, and accessible.

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