The purpose of the AVI is to expose the next generation to careers that need them.

This is a process that requires both sides: Student and industry.  With the help of our educational partners often serving as conduits, we can show students what opportunities await them and we can show industry the needs these students fill.

For the student?  Nothing!

Depending on the type of AVI program a host wishes to create, we offer different levels of support here.

The idea is that the curriculum and outline is “free,” but there is work required of the host and industry to help make their program valuable and engaging.  Anything worth doing takes effort, and we can work with you to ensure this is as valuable as it can be!

There is no business too small to participate!

Do you have a network of industry professionals around you?  Vendors?  Customers?  They are all part of your professional world, and we would be willing to bet if you offered to host a version of your AVI, they’d be on board!

The AVI originated in the manufacturing industry and evolved into other STEM topics.

There are countless industries that could be a good fit for AVI: Fin Tech, Culinary, Graphic Design, you name it!

The original AVI lasted about 4 weeks when 2-3 classes were held each week. 

The length of the program depends on your industry, depth of coverage, and number of students.